Michael Jordan beats the buzzer


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Sunday marks the 28th anniversary of the best of the best hitter in the NBA to give the shot of Michael Jordan over Craig Ehlo’s 101-100 victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the fifth game of their first-round series Chicago Bulls. This photo has been immortalized in commerce and is one of the most famous in the history of the NBA.

A review of the newspaper archives and YouTube images allowed us to determine that the shot of the only winner of the field goal of the game is to achieve a winner-take-all game of a playoff series in the NBA to beat or ABA. There were close calls (Kevin Johnson vs. Jazz 1990, Allan Houston against Heat in 1999, Chris Paul vs. Spurs in 2015), but none has reached the buzzer.Some notes on the Jordan hub: In 1993 against the Cavaliers again (the fourth game of the semifinals of the Eastern Conference, also an elimination game) and 1997 against the jazz (NBA Finals game 1). Jordan averaged 39.8 points per game in the series in 1989. He lost 50 in a game has 4 and 44 in game 5. In Game 5, the score was 90-90 with three minutes. No, it binds the rest of the way. Each of the last nine coin ratings (field goal or free throw) resulted in a team leader.Ehlo beat Jordan 8-6 in the last three minutes (including 5-4 in the last minute), but Jordan got the last shot ... and he managed. It was a remarkable victory, as the Bulls 0-6 was against the Cavaliers during the regular season. The bulls then upset the wrinkle in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference before losing in the Conference Finals to the Pistons. Jordan’s first title had not come until 1991.