Fidget spinner, new kitty children crazy not only go teachers, but they can also be dangerous.

Kelly Rose Joniec, a mother in Texas, published an article about Facebook warning other parents after her daughter, aged 10, had been strangled on Sunday with a piece of a spinner with no rest. Teachers reported that dozens of toys a day fed when the nation’s toy has conquered in the storm – and experts say the meteoric rise of the device could lead to lax safety practices.

Joniec Britton said her daughter was sent after a piece of spinner had apparently broken the device after she brought in the mouth to cleanse hospital. According to Joniec, he underwent anesthesia for the physician to perform endoscopy internal positioning bearings (approximately the size of a room) into the esophagus.

“The doctor was fascinated IM,” he wrote. “She had just learned spinner nervously this morning when I was at the mall with your child, it was a surprise to meet in a case a few hours later. ”

Experts from the toy industry say parents should be careful when they buy them. “If a hobby toy like spinning meet, you could buy one for your child in the corner trying to see if you see a street seller, but the safety of the sold products outside a reputable dealer can not be checked” Joan Lawrence, Senior Citizen Vice president of Standards and Regulatory Affairs corporate group toy manufacturers and distributors of toy federation.

He added that parents should take care to buy the products from a reputable toy trader who meets the safety standards of the United States, and as with all the toys, make sure that the product is suitable for age, though Many Fidget spinning mills has not been an age group because they are sold by several American companies in the streets, and not always for the toy stores.

And while some warnings for these devices have age, which is sold in department stores toys, some are still likely to break. These spinners online without rest for just $ 6 sold clearly show that it is used by people of 12, and over, and claim to relieve stress and anxiety. But the comments were less than stellar. “He bought it for my son! “Wrote a critic. “! Even a day and it broke “Another wrote:” The upper and lower part of the central part, which can break the “Other higher fluctuations in roulette can cost up to $ 190.

It is not the first time a troubled spinner resulted in injuries. An Australian mother reported that her son almost lost his eye after a slingshot stirred in the air and to be hit with him. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission banned toys for children under three small pieces of less than 2.25 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. To this size would fit restless spinner this description, but as Joniec found older children might even be at risk.

“From what I offer a warning to parents,” he wrote. “Fidget Spinner is the current enthusiasm for what is widespread. Children of all ages can be received, but not all spinners come with age appropriate warnings. The pillows are light, so if you have small children (under 8) it is found that they represent a danger of suffocation. “