cyclist-saves-kitten-kisses-brazil-1-591eb89f3c834__700There are a few days Brazilian racing driver viitor Fonseca went for a bicycle tour when he saw a small tabby kitten who needed urgent help. He returned to their own, the newborn will not be able to defend themselves and the kitten was very lonely.
Fonseca decided to take with him the cat, but had nowhere to put it – if I put the kitten in his shirt straight on. The tabby cat, which was all rolled up, does not seem at all in the sense; Secondly, he enjoyed the trip 6.2 kilometers instead of Fonseca.
“Save a little life today” shared viitor on Facebook. “I am happy that I liked and I grabbed it. “The man added.” All he did was play, “Everything was recorded in beautiful viral video, in which a grateful kitty can not kiss his rescuer.
Since Fonseca found the baby skin to love forever home. But for two, bike tour will always have something to remember.