We all know what is Tinder is and what can do with it. With new technology, you can find women online to date. What can be the worst thing to happen when using these women?

Anyway, This man has the nightmare of Tinder. As for the news heard on Reddit. Thi American man has found a woman on Tinder and bring her to the home named Jennifer,

After the hooking up this woman has refused to leave. OMG! Yes, this is the situation was there and she has requested a stay to dinner with him and leave. After the dinner what do you think? Yes, you are right she never left Lol.

What will do you do in this situation? can’t imagine right?

After some help with Reddit, this man has to manage to call the Police finally. Because he has to go to work. After calling Police, They had checked her car parked in outside and has found tags on the car expired two months earlier. Then the police have dug more about this woman and finally arrest her.

Finally, My comment is beware with meets ups through the app.