Pregnancy is a beautiful time for a woman who enjoys her child and gives her love and affection in her prenatal age. Every visit to an ultrasound examination brings her the pleasure of seeing her unborn baby. Ultrasound is, however, mainly a tool that can diagnose whether the baby is alright or not.
Through such an examination, the doctors of one young woman found herself to be born a son with a very rare disorder when the child had only part of the skull and brain. Mother was offered the possibility of artificial interruption of pregnancy, but she refused. Little Jaxon was born with cerebral hemisphere disorder; With about 20% of the brain than a healthy individual, and the missing skull replaced by the CSF. Baby doctors predicted just a week of life.


Though the boy was predicted with the cruel fate, Jaxon celebrated his second birthday and, despite his disability, he was trying to live and enjoy his parents as beautiful as possible. They even grew his hair! His health is attended by 8 doctors, and parents, although they have a great faith in their son, are ready for the worst.

With this story, this young mother wants to add strength and courage to parents of children with a similar fate. Write us your comments and feelings.