Some parents are very trying to help their children in solving school projects. This is the case of a dad named Daniel from Kaysville, Utah, who his son Lincoln asked for help with a project focused on the question: “What’s inside different balls?” The solution had to be a poster.


The father did not do what most parents would do, that is, He searched for information on the Internet and printed pictures, but decided to find out. He bought the various balls and adjusted them to be attached to the poster. The video, as a son working on the project, was posted on Youtube.


Five to find out what’s inside. And so they got a great tip to try – to figure out what rattlesnake rattles at the tail end. That’s why they did not hesitate and ordered the rhinoceros over the internet. What these inquisitive entrepreneurs have discovered will be found on the next page..


The rattles Nats come from America but are also found in Canada and Argentina. There are approximately 35 species and another 70 subspecies of these snakes. Their enemies intimidate, in addition to the famous battles by the end of their tail, also by sighing, rolling their bodies or lifting their heads high above the ground in a defensive position.

Sera Viernum, a herpetologist from Madison, Wisconsin, says: “The biting sound that the serpent emits is the result of a strong air blowing into the slits between the vocal cords.”

The National Federation of Wild Animals estimates that these snakes live for 10 to 25 years and their food consists predominantly of lizards and rodents.


However, it is not unusual for a rattlesnake to attack a person. This situation occurs especially when a person approaches too close or someone is walking down the plaza. The rattlesnake bite is not usually deadly for humans, but there is a certain danger to health. The Herpetologist states that the poison of most rattlesnake species is predominantly composed of hemotoxins that penetrate the damaged human tissue after biting. According to Viernum, symptoms of intoxication include temporary or permanent damage to the tissues and muscles, internal bleeding, extreme pain at the bite, and possible limb amputation depending on the bite.


As for the spruce, the basic building material of its segments is keratin and is practically the remnants of old skin after stripping. Snakes are not born with him, but they get it during his life when he gets a new article every time he gets dressed. Depending on the number of segments, however, the age of the snake can not be accurately determined, as it often results in the abrasion and loss of the members of the spine when fighting or injuries. The snake is able to vibrate with it up to 50 times in a second even for up to 3 hours!


This explains why he tried to break the spine so easily, even though his father used a special knife for this work. The cut was done right in the middle, and despite the tearing, he managed to open the end and find out what was in it. But it was not what they were looking for. They believed that a typical sound created balls or some tiny particles. Instead, they found only a cavity.