Along with the modernized and rapidly changing society, divorces are increasing day by day. The intolerance of people to each other also seems to be reflected in their marriage. When we look at the environment, most of the marriages come to the stage of divorce and are deeply shaken and the divorce is accepted and preferred as a natural result. Besides, couples who do not make many efforts to sustain their marriage can choose their comfortable life. We have compiled the gold proposals of the experts who say, “There is no problem that can not be solved in marriage if trust is not lost in relationships”.


1. Feel that you love your partner and care for him.

You do not need very special or big things to do this. Compliments, good words, hugging, small notes, maybe a flower will make you feel special about yourself just like you are from within.

2. Be aware of your partner, do not monotonize.

See and appreciate the tiny, or something special, that he has painted, weakened and made for you his hair. It is important to spend quality time to save your marriage from monotony. Create opportunities for this. Do unexpected little surprises. Create sharing that fits your common pleasures.


3. Be a good listener first.

It lies in communication based on a good marriage. Even if you do not agree with your partner’s ideas, respect and listen to the end. Express clearly what you want to say without moving indirectly, and put yourself in its place, empathize.


4. Make an effort to be your best friend.

Marriage is not only seen as living together. Life should be considered as sharing together. Remember, actually, each of you is there for another. Nothing can be more valuable than that.

5. Take your time.

In relationships, create opportunities for individuals to devote themselves time, that is, to solve each other. But be careful to act jointly about the times you will spend together and separately.


6. When you are angry, never resort to violence.

The important thing you need to keep in mind is; It is not the existence of disagreements, but the application of the method that at least alleviates the dealings when solving them. Take your conflicts constructively, not destructively. Take a break when you get angry, leave the environment, take a shower or fall asleep, listen to music, in short, with the fury of anger. Give yourself time to think calmly.


7. Do not interfere with your partner’s family. At the same time, limit your marriage to your marriage.

Be understanding of your partner’s family. If you feel that you are having problems with your partner’s family, share these issues with your partner without using an accusing language that is offensive to the family. Try to solve the problems together or let your partner solve it. Do not let your own family decide to interfere with your marriage. Do not criticize, accuse each other next to your parents.


8. Do not lose interest in each other.

Jealousies, all together, financial problems, interest in children’s shift, heavy marriage responsibilities, and unrealistic expectations can reduce the interest of couples.

9. Do not change your life for children.

If one of the spouses becomes very fond of children, the balance of marriage may deteriorate. Do not forget that it is important in the balance.


10. Do not question it.

Do not marry your marriage by questioning your wife’s history, bringing the flows constantly into the agenda. In short, keep the mistakes made in the past constantly warm.


11. Do not hesitate to seek Expert assistance when necessary.

Do not hesitate to ask experts and marriage therapy when you are having difficulties in solving problems in your marriage. If you decide that you can not solve your problems together, it’s a good idea to get support from an expert.