1. Did you know that your eyes can predict the air? Hypothermia starts when your body temperature begins to fall. The hypothermia is trappings of your blood vessels to save your energy. In really cold weather, your eyes shrink as a physiological response, and in fact, you can blind after a while.

2. How does your left ear allow you to hear better? If you turn your left ear towards the speaker, you can actually hear better. Some people unofficially call it “super hearing”.

3. Solution to stomach pain There are different ways to improve your stomach sickness apart from medication. By lying on your left side you can relieve both heartburn and heart problems. A study has shown that this position helps to prevent your body from being exposed to an acidic stomach. When we lie to the left side, our gravity keeps our stomach farther from our throat than the other side.

4. There’s another case your body predicted the air beforehand. When the atmospheric pressure drops in extremely cold weather, you feel pressure and pain in your joints. In addition, due to chemical imbalances, high-temperature changes can trigger a migraine.

5. You can reduce your pain sensation by coughing. Coughing can help you feel less pain by letting your brain feel weaker with pain stimuli.

6. Do you want to get rid of nasal obstruction quickly? Press your thumb between your eyebrows. Pressure causes loosening of the nasal passages.

7. A toothache By applying ice between your thumb and index finger you can relieve your toothache. The reason is that the nerve path in your V-region of your hand is heading in the face.