Most women want to have excellent curls in their hair with minimal effort. It is not easy to get smooth waves despite the many hours of work with hairdressers or similar hairdressers. With 3 simple methods that we will give you, you can get spectacular waves. It is especially difficult for women who have thick hair to obtain these waves without using a heater. But when you use these 3 methods, which are not known, you will see that even in thick hair. With these applications you will do in a short time, it is quite simple to get wavy hair during the night. You can make waves that you want in your home, or with your material that you can reach very easily. You can apply your wavy hair thanks to these 3 tips before you go to bed at night, without the need for weaving and hair styling.

#1. Wavy Hair Making with Hair Band

The only material required for wavy hair is a flat hair band used in gyms or crown. Before sleeping at night, scan your hair by dividing it into two in the direction of separation, and then pass it through your head, with the hair band on top of your forehead. You get your hair in a pinch of hair. You can sleep all your complexes after the process of wrapping them in your hair band. When you get up in the morning, gently remove your hair from the hair band, which will make perfect waves in your hair.


#2. Wavy Hair Making with Pipette

If you have time and patience before you go to bed, you can use this method to get Afro hair wave. The only thing you need to use for a fluffy and often curly hair wave is the pipette used when you are drinking. If you have long hair, you can use longer and thicker pipettes. The construction is very simple, first wrap the pipette twice, then wrap the hair on your right and left hair from the pipette, which is doubled by taking a small pinch from the bottom of your hair. At the end of the winding process, Knot the knots by joining the tips of the pipette. After the pipetting process, you apply to all hair strands, you are now ready to go to bed. When you pull the pipettes out of your hair in the morning, you can see African waves. Enjoy the waves in your hair with this simple method that can be done without using a hair curler..


# 3. Hair Wave Making Using Your Fingers

Those who want to see natural waves in their hair can reach the desired naturalness by trying this method before going to bed at night. All you need is your fingers and the gray pliers used by hairdressers are ideal for this. Using your two fingers, take a pinch of your hair and wrap it up and down very tightly. When you come to the bottom of your hair, use your pliers to fix your hair. When you get up in the morning, your natural waves and your hair will look perfect. The large waves in your hair or the more frequent and curly waves are parallel to the hair strands you will get when you wrap your hair. If you want bigger waves, wrap your fingers thick by taking your hair strands thick and you can make your hair curly by taking smaller tufts more often.


With these three simple methods without using heat and styling before sleeping at night, you can make waves of your hair. After you have done one of these methods with your hair, all you have to do is sleep. Perfect waves will be waiting for you when you wake up.