1. You have to have something very present: everything is in the clitoris. If you want to experience one of these, work on that wonderful timbre, or tell your boyfriend to stay there and go up any way he can and with all parts of his body.
  2. Once you feel that everything is getting very intense, look for the mythical point G. That is exactly on the inner front wall. So that you do not have any problem finding it, pretend that it is the root of the clitoris. Yes, you have it located on the outside, just try to touch it from the inside and you will be able to touch this point easily.
  1. When you locate it, you have to massage it very slowly and quietly. Make circles with your fingers and then a little pressure, then only small strokes and return to the circles. The slower you do it and the longer, the more it will accumulate that wonderful liquid.
  1. When you notice that everything in it is getting very intense and that you can not resist anymore. When you feel that you are about to experience something wonderful, apply a lot of pressure and touch with a subtle force that wonderful point.
  1. Experience the most wonderful thing in the world …

So simple is to achieve a unique and unparalleled experience. Follow these simple steps, or tell your boyfriend to follow them and you will not regret it. You will not want to stop doing it anymore. Just remember, the longer the tranquil and internal massage lasts, the more intense it will be.