Anyone who has a four-legged baby, so soon develops a very close relationship with him. The dog becomes part of our lives, so we often take it everywhere. Unfortunately, many people also take dogs for car purchases. But leaving a dog in a car can have fatal consequences.

In summer steam days, the temperature in the car can be really deadly. One Reddit user who did a small experiment was also convinced. He left the egg in the pan for 15 minutes. Who would have said the egg was really fried for 15 minutes! What can then become a dog does not even want to guess.

The best we can do is inform people about this risk

So, if you have an irresponsible dog owner in your neighborhood, please share this article. Let everyone know what the dog is exposed to in the car.

Someone thought to make a small experiment on a hot day

He left the egg in the car and watched what to do with him.


Occasionally, the car interior may be much warmer than the ambient temperature

The interior can reach a temperature of up to 50 degrees within 10 minutes.