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This theory about Harry Potter assures that Severus Snape is trans-gender
If Albus Dumbledore’s homosexuality was already revealed, why could not Severus Snape be a trans-gender?

Although Harry Potter has come to light 20 years ago, even today fans of the saga continue to study it thoroughly and discover new things about their favorite characters. After all, a universe as large and majestic as the one created by J. K. Rowling can not be deciphered in a couple of days.

Throughout the life of the young magician’s history there have been all sorts of hidden plot theories, the real reasons behind the deaths of the most iconic roles and even their sexual orientation.

One of the most controversial theories around the Internet is that Professor Severus Snape could actually be a transgendered woman, and those who have studied this possibility for years, claim to have the evidence.

As indicated by Broadly, a Tumblr user known as Ensnapingthesense is the true pioneer on the idea that Snape is trans-gender. In one of his publications, he refers to an essay written by Racheline Maltese, where the story of Snape is studied. “In fact, the female references follow Snape into his childhood,” writes Maltese. “Not only does Harry notice that his writing in the Half-Blood Prince book looks like a child, but also in the memory of the first time Snape meets Lily Potter, where he is described using something that looks like the blouse of a old woman”.

“I feel that even within the closet, Snape was suffering from the prejudices of those around her, and I feel that all these incidents make more sense when they are brought to light, that Snape may be a trans-gender woman. Concept that does not need a solid background that deserves to be examined, because the background is there. “

This theory is so well known within the trans-gender community of Harry Potter fans that they even created a special holiday that is held during the month of August. “Snape’s trans-gender week is really a place to meet, celebrate, explore and share,” said Ensnapingthesense. “We are reflected in a figure so complex, interesting and polarized, something we usually can not do, as trans-gender fans.”

What do you say? Does this theory make sense and explain the sometimes strange personality of Snape?

We need Rowling to intervene and tell us the truth!