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US news channel CNN reacts sharply to a tweet by President Donald Trump: “It’s a sad day when the president turns on violence against journalists”, it sounds in a statement. The transmitter also mentions Trump’s behavior childish.

Trump posted a video on Twitter in which he attacks CNN directly. Literally: in the video we see Trump CNN attacks and hit during a wrestling game. He also bites the sender to Fraud News Network, fitting in his broader discourse about fake news.
But CNN does not just pass the tweet. “It’s a sad day when the president of America turns into violence against journalists,” CNN begins in a statement. And: “Instead of focusing on his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, the situation in North Korea or working on his health care, he turns into childish behavior that is far below the dignity of his office.”


CNN quits the statement with a not-so-called sneer: “We will continue to do our job. He’d better start doing his job. “