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US President Donald Trump is not allowed to turn back a climate measure on the release of methane crops from predecessor Barack Obama. That has decided a US court, writes the Financial Times. The verdict is seen as a legal defeat for Trump.

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A US court ruled that the Trumps Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have the authority to make the rules on methane emissions more smoothly.

Methane gas is a greenhouse gas released during drilling, production or transmission of oil and gas. Obama’s administration made the rules on emissions more stringent and demanded that companies that produce oil and gas should detect and repair methane leaks.

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Trumps Environment Agency (EPA) wanted to relax again, but that is not possible for the time being. The Court of Appeal in Washington D.C. floats the agency back.

“Common sense”
Environmental organizations responded yesterday and called the victory a “common sense” victory. The Environmental Protection Agency announces its options.