Although it has been four days since Messi and Antonella Raccuzzo gave themselves, the wedding continues to raise news and comments … And if you thought that the only controversy that had been generated was around the dress of Shakira, no … .

There was another dress that raised many comments! The one of Messi’s mother!

As the photos of the ceremony and the celebration that took place last Friday in the city of Rosario, Argentina, the comments were made. Several were the users of Twitter and Instagram who attacked the progenitor of Messi for her wardrobe. According to the comments, many of these people did not agree that the mother-in-law now wore white.

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As it is styled in the western weddings, especially the Latin American ones, the white is reserved only for the dress of the bride. So Celia Cuccittini, mother of Lionel, has been hard hit, cataloged as “inopportune” and even “malicious.”

The theme sha grew, mainly because the designer of the suit of Mrs. Cuccittini, Claudio Cosano, assured days before the wedding that the elections of the family of the soccer player were ”  very luxurious dresses, of couture. Too many details, but I can assure that they will be dark and with the Cosano style impregnated in them … “, so it could indicate that the color change was last minute.


After the controversy, the designer himself said that the dress was not white: “… it was silver gray and I composed with the father’s suit and the ties of the whole family that was silver … There are people who will criticize you and people who will Is going to praise, I do not take, “Cosano told Radio 10.