A letter written by rapper Tupac to singer Madonna is being auctioned this month in New York. In the letter, which published TMZ, the rapist raped in 1996 explained why he could not have a relationship with her. He was black and she was white and the rapper had to think of his image.

“For your career, it’s not bad to be seen with a black man,” writes Tupac in the letter. “It would make you even more spacious and exciting.”

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The rapper wanted to try to maintain his own image at the time. “I have to think of my own image, I would disappoint a lot of people,” wrote the murdered rapper. “I did not mean to hurt you.”

Short romance in 1994
Madonna (now 58) and Tupac (25 years when he died) experienced a short-lived romance around the year 1994. The singer gave it to himself only a few years ago in an interview with radio presenter Howard Stern.

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The letter has to yield a great deal at the auction in New York. The start bid is $ 100,000.