US President Donald Trump wants to react hard to North Korea rockets. That he said on his arrival in Poland. Trump says nothing about concrete measures, but he calls on the international community not to commit to North Korea.

“It’s a shame that they behave so well, what they do is very dangerous, and something has to be done,” said Trump at a press conference. Trump announced a hard response to the latest threats from North Korea. “We will tackle them strictly,” said the president during his visit to Warsaw.

In the edge of the G20 summit in Hamburg, Trump wants to meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-In to talk about North Korea. “We must openly show that their bad behavior will have consequences,” said Trump. On the question of whether he is willing to intervene in North Korea, he did not answer.

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North Korea tested an intercontinental missile two days ago. In the weeks and months before, the country already carried out a series of missile tests that were strongly condemned by the West as an infringement of UN resolutions.