One of the benefits of the video (whether it’s on demand, blu-ray or DVD) is the release of a movie, which allows them to publish a movie that the cinema could not or could not get. Apparently, F. Gary Gray kept in mind the fate of the furious, and always had the intention of releasing an alternative Director’s Cut from Fast 8.

What can we expect from that? F. Gary Gray told Cinema Blend the following:
“The movie lasts thirteen minutes longer and contains more action and more humor. We can now provide space for breathtaking moments, dramatic moments. In a sense, I’ve improved certain performance performance, and added and improved action scenes. I love humor – comedy and humor. It’s actually my favorite thing. So I also added jokes, and some are best dared. ”


F. Gary Gray calls the new Director’s Cut the version he currently chooses, and says he made it at the same time as the release that appeared in the cinema. However, he admits that the home video version does not have the same pace as the biosphere of F8 of the Furious. According to Gray, his new version is mainly a longer sequence in Russia, around Roman (the character of Tyrese), which takes a bit of pace from the final.

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