How healthy are you really? Most of us are convinced that as long as we are well, we are well healthy. Perhaps we are deepest in it still have an idea that we are young and healthy and sickness is for old people. However, more and more people are moving around with hidden diseases or with imminent danger of developing lifestyle diseases.

Men are generally inferior to getting to a doctor than women are, but both sexes are bad at seeing the realities in their eyes and given or rejected by a professional healthcare professional. Maybe it should be this year, you get a status on your health? How to handle this?

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Order a health check with your doctor
You can always have your doctor take an overall health check of your health. The doctor checks for symptoms of the most common diseases, but if you have specific symptoms, he can test for various diseases with blood tests. He can also tell you if you should receive or renew special vaccinations, for example. Tetanus. A vaccination can really do wonders – both when you are in Denmark but also abroad – and you can happily become much smarter in this area.

Many people go around and suffer from vitamin deficiency, for example. Because of a one-sided diet or the like. It can lead to symptoms such as Fatigue and concentration difficulties. Therefore, it is important that you write down the symptoms that you have become particularly aware of within the last time so you can reverse this with your doctor.

Also, remember to look at any suspicious parent marks, and if you are over 40, you should also check your testicles for potential nodes.

Of course, your health check will not be able to provide an in-depth picture of whether you are wrong, but it can provide an overall indication of whether there is something to be investigated.