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Make a gentle one
Today, we are so far ahead technologically that you can diagnose the diseases you are disposed of in the future. This can be investigated by a gen test who charts your genes and if you have facilities for example. Cervical cancer or dementia.

Have your mother, for example. If you have breast cancer, you can get an answer as to whether you have the same hereditary genes and then take your precautions.

But of course, you should also be careful about these tests. For example, you can Get answers if you are going to develop diseases that you can not cure at this time. What would such a response mean for your lifetime? Think about before you order your test and find out what answers you want and which ones you do not want to know about.

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Get your lifestyle reviewed by a dietitian
Many of us walk around and are thin-fed. That is, we are externally slim and look healthy, but in fact, they are at the imminent danger of developing lifestyle diseases. At a dietitian, you can measure your fat percentage and find out if you have dangerous fat around your organs. Here you can also get an indication of whether your physiological age matches your physical age. A BMI is a good indication of whether you should change your lifestyle, but it does not take into account whether you have a lot of muscle mass and therefore weigh more, or you may be overweight but otherwise in good shape.

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