Spider Man Homecoming 2017‘Spider Man  Homecoming’  Value promotional campaign $ 140 million

For Spider Man Homecoming 2017 has really taken Sony Pictures out of the box when it comes to the promotional campaign. The superhero movie cost the studio about $ 175 million, and several tens of millions have been added to bring the film to attention. The value of that campaign proves to be highly appreciated.

According to analysts, the media value of the campaign would amount to around $ 140 million. This is significantly higher than with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, that campaign had a value of $ 80 million. The most prominent expressions of the campaign are commercials for Dell and Audi and a special NBO promo spot. In total, more than thirty brands are involved in the promotion. Homecoming director Jon Watts was himself the director of certain videos.

“We are developing our promotional campaigns much larger than the 30 second TV spots,” said Campaign Manager Jeffrey Godsick. “The content is getting longer, there are digital games and publicity stunts and events.” Spider-Man: Homecoming shows the evolution of the campaign. ”


Probably the cost of the commercials is shared between the parties, as both of them benefit from fame. A value of $ 140 million is exceptionally high. Campaigns of the two recent Bond films Skyfall and Spectre were also valued at such an amount.

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