Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, would meet with a Russian advocate during the US presidential election campaign in 2016 “likely to have acted differently afterward.” That he said to Fox News last night in his first interview about the case, which has been a freak for a couple of days.

Donald Trump Jr. Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaja met because she claimed to have “damaging information” about Trump’s opposing candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton. In the interview, he stressed that the context was very different at that time. “It was for the Russian mania,” he told presenter Sean Hannity. “My alarm bells did not go off at the moment because it was not the issue at the end of the last nine to ten months.”

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First reaction
It was Trumps son’s first public response after he tweeted Robette’s e-mails, a Brit with a past as a tabloid reporter. In one of the emails, Goldstone said that Russian officials “offered some official documents and information that were offensive to Hillary Clinton” as part of “Russia’s support for Trump”.

Trump Jr. Answered that he was very interested, but mentioned that last night opposition research. “They had something, you know, maybe concrete evidence of all the stories I had heard so I think I wanted to hear. But it did not matter and the meeting was clearly not over,” it sounded.

Trump Jr. Said that afterward, Goldstone apologized for the futile meeting with the advocate, who took about twenty minutes. He also denied that he informed his father about the meeting. “There was nothing to say about it,” it sounded.

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