The 20-year-old heavily ill young man published a very strong link before his death. He then shared the world!

In 2015, the 20-year-old Pablo from Spain was diagnosed with leukemia. The young man, however, did not give up and, despite the doctor’s diagnosis, decided to fight and beat the disease. He completed several rounds of chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation and got into remission. Unfortunately, the insidious disease returned to him and the young man died. Before his death, however, he was able to inspire thousands of people.

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When Pablo succeeded at least for a time in winning a malicious disease, he was looking forward to returning to his normal life. Leukemia is a tumor disease that originates from hematopoietic tissue and lymph nodes. The main difference with lymphomas is that leukemia affects the whole organism, and all organs are more or less infected with cancer cells. However, the disease returned. Unfortunately, it was clear to everyone that this return would not succeed. However, Pablo did not give up in this difficult moment, and despite his tragic prognosis, he even lived his life so full.

He started out on the Instagram with his hashtag #retounmillon campaign (millionth challenge) and devoted himself to the past few months of his life, dedicating himself to raising the number of bone marrow donors in Spain from 230,000 to one million.