Being a superhero – or something like that – carries a great responsibility, such as becoming the idol of millions of children who care little for the actor, but the character they give life to in the movies. In the case of Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool has become his lucky charm and communication bridge with a group of fans that he had never had access to: children. Aware of this new responsibility, Reynolds has just given us proof of how important these little followers are in his life.

Image result for Ryan ReynoldsDaniel Downing is 11 years old, lives in Plymouth, is a big fan of Deadpool and, unfortunately, has very little time to live because of an inoperable brain tumor that was detected at age five. One of his dreams is to meet his favorite hero, not Ryan, but the irreverent man in red and sarcastic humor. The handsome actor found out about this and decided to make it happen in the most tender way.

In the midst of filming Deadpool 2, Reynolds decided to take a moment to have a cool conversation with Daniel.

“Daniel picked up the phone and Ryan asked if he knew who he was,” the boy’s mom told The Herald. “As soon as he realized who he was, he asked if they could speak for FaceTime. He was very excited,” he said.
Although the conversation lasted only 15 minutes, for Daniel it was the maximum.

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