T.J. Miller thinks Deadpool 2 might be more fun than the first movie. He told that during an interview with Screen Rant about The Emoji Movie. Apart from that, there is again a new set photo by actor Ryan Reynolds, which shows that Blind Al (Leslie Uggams) just returns.

“This part has an even bigger role for Weasel than before. I had to laugh so hard about the script that I dropped an iPad in a restaurant when I was reading. It’s where Ryan [Reynolds] and I’m talking about We knew what kind of tone you can handle, everyone plays these characters and we know what’s at stake. But the most important thing is that we know the tone and know how to beat it perfectly. So I think it’s true More fun than the original. I’m very excited about it, “Miller said.

Then the new picture from the set. Actor Uggams plays the role of Blind Al again and that’s good to know because her scenes with Deadpool were one of the (many) highlights of Deadpool 2.

It is expected that during the San Diego Comic-Con panel of Deadpool 2 more will be made known about the film. From 1 June 2018, this will be in the cinema.

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