Warner wants someone else to play Batman’s role?

Director Matt Reeves was already attracted to Ben Affleck for The Batman. But now it seems that Warner also wants someone else to play Batman’s role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is working on replacing the actor:

“Ben Affleck draws this week to the Comic-Con for Warner Bros.” To promote the forthcoming Justice League movie, but how often does he still pull the Batsuit? Probably not as often as ever. ” Sources of the magazine stated that Warner plans to write Afflecks Batman out of the franchise and explain that change of guard in one of the movies.

Why exactly is not clear, but possibly Affleck just getting too old is for the role. He is now 45 and maybe around the fifty by the time he would play in the first solo film. Warner would have the preference for younger actors for the DCEU and may, therefore, want to replace Affleck.

That while the Batman we met in Zack Snyders Batman v Superman was just innovative because of his age. But now Snyder has left the family for the production of Justice League, he has been replaced by Joss Whedon. It leads to considerable re-uptake.

In addition, there would be no replacement for Affleck for his age. The actor would also have doubts about continuing to play the character. The intention is to launch a trilogy with The Batman van Reeves, which could mean that Affleck has more than ten years to play. There he would not have much sense in that.

Warner’s official line is still clear Student Toby Emmerich told THR: “Ben is our Batman. We love him as Batman, we want him to wear the cape for as long as possible.” Perhaps that will not be as long as we have to believe THR.

Of course, the comments of a single anonymous source are not so promising, but the developments behind the scenes at the DCEU point to a situation in which Affleck has slowly pushed aside. The scenario he wrote with Geoff Johns for The Batman was already taken in the trash. The fact that Warner is working on a new direction for the franchise and Affleck may, in any case, create space for a room where both parties can be friendly.

What do you think of a possible departure from Affleck?