Things get pretty bizarre on Fetish, Selena Gomez’s latest video, where she literally eats soap, a lipstick, a lash brush and thrusts herself on the dirty floor of a kitchen. If all this confused you, quiet. In a new interview with Dazed, Gomez and Petra Collins – who directed Fetish and Bad Liar – explain what “Fetish” meant to them, and how horror movies influenced this project a lot.

“We were literally lying on a teddy bear watching Chucky,” Collins said. “It was still very crazy to think that when I heard Fetish I imagined it in a scene of terror, it’s one of my favorite genres to make a woman look strong.”

For Collins, the kitchen scene is a perfect example of that. “Women are always told, ‘Control your emotions’, and a woman can never express her anger without being demonic and believe that she has the period. Woman or a girl to be so physical, to lose control of her body.It is not to go crazy, it is to be carried to the end! ”

And Gomez definitely did not hold back. He threw fruits, threw himself on the ground and made a complete mess, in short, a visual representation of the song’s emotions.

“The kitchen scene was liberating, losing control of my body and myself …,” Gomez said. “I felt great, among tomatoes, eggs, and dirt, it was amazing.I loved it.It felt so good.I remember being a bit nervous and when it all happened I let myself go.It was so cool.You were screaming at the camera.”

Will Selena’s next clips be that strange?


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